Westside / University of Maryland Parking Study
City of Baltimore, MD - 2012

  • Parking Inventory
  • Parking Utilization
  • Parking Demand Analysis
  • Traffic Operations
  • Parking / Curbside Management
  • GIS Mapping
  • Stakeholder outreach

Sabra & Associates, Inc. (SAI) was responsible for performing a comprehensive area-wide curbside and off-street parking assessment for the Westside and University, a 60-square block area, as part of an effort to identify strategies to better manage existing and future parking demand to accommodate strategic City redevelopment efforts. Work efforts included:


Existing Conditions Documentation

  • Stakeholder Interviews and development of institutional event calendar
  • Inventory of curbside parking regulations
  • Survey of curbside parking utilization for the Midday, PM, and Saturday periods
  • Existing off-street parking facility size, rates, operations
  • Calculation of parking surplus/ deficit
  • Evaluation of parking sheds for key generators

Identifying planned development

  • Projected future parking demand
  • Calculation of parking surplus/ deficit

Developing parking and transportation management recommendations

  • Modifications to existing on-street regulations
  • Additional off-street supply
  • Shared parking. Off-site parking arrangements
  • Enhanced parking wayfinding signing/ smart parking guidance systems
  • Demand management  (valet shares, event management, performance parking, graduated parking)

Presented findings to City, and Stakeholders

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