Travel Model Update
Frederick County, MD - 2013


  • Transportation Planning
  • Travel Demand Modeling


Sabra & Associates, Inc. (SAI) is leading an effort to update, validate and refine the County‚Äôs sub-area travel model.  Efforts included:


  • Model coding review of links, nodes and functional classification
  • Model base year (2005) validation, and TAZ refinement
  • Future year network coding including CLRP and CIP projects out to 2040
  • Develop TP+ script and  trip tables
  • Obtain and input land use, employment and household forecasts to update model base year to 2010
  • Identify new screenlines and validate 2010 model
  • Presented findings to County and MPO
  • Train county staff
  • Identify transportation network deficiencies and model enhancements such as TOD or BRT


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