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SWA offers technical expertise in traffic engineering and in-depth, local knowledge in traffic engineering specialties including traffic control design, signal system design, signal design, Synchro and SimTraffic signal timing analysis, traffic modeling, lighting design, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). SWA also offers strong capabilities in other traffic engineering disciplines such as signal warrant studies, speed studies, data collection, and transportation planning.


SWA has 20+ active traffic engineering contracts and has completed 200+ traffic engineering contracts in the past 15 years for counties, state DOTs, FHWA and cities throughout Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia. Because of this diversity of experience, we have a thorough understanding of the environments in which transportation engineers work and the constraints and challenges they face. SWA brings a blend of the “ground truth” experience in day-to-day operations with proficiency in cutting edge technologies and research to bring innovative ideas and lessons learned from around the region and nation to your project. Our key staff has supervised the design of 2,000+ traffic signals, optimized 5,000+ traffic signals, and performed traffic analysis and studies at 10,000+ intersections over the last 15 years.