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SWA has the diverse, insightful, local knowledge necessary to provide the efficient and innovative designs appreciated by our clients for the last 15 years while growing into one of the leading DBE Civil Engineering firms in the region.  With our seasoned and dedicated staff, we provide the “know how” for both routine and unique structural challenges.  SWA’s Structural team in Columbia Maryland has over 250 combined years of engineering experience in transportation related structures (roadway/light rail/heavy rail - bridge, tunnel, wall, utility & miscellaneous) including large masonry structures. SWA has provided program management and on-site technical assistance for a variety of public clients in addition to our services delivering design documents.


SWA project managers are all Maryland-Registered Professional Engineers with extensive experience in the structural engineering and infrastructure management arena.  Our bridge inspection teams are directed by engineers certified by the NBIS as Bridge Inspection Team Leaders, and our bridge inspectors are all trained by FHWA/NHI in Bridge Inspection, Ancillary Highway Structures, Fracture Critical Structures, and Confined Space Inspection.