Regional Development Impacts
Rockville, MD - 2013


  • Traffic Operations
  • Traffic Impact
  • Policy Analysis
  • Traffic Engineering Design
  • Signal Timing
  • Traffic Calming


Sabra & Associates, Inc. was tasked to evaluate the impacts of major regional developments both within and adjacent to the City of Rockville.  Work efforts included:


  • Documented baseline network conditions including traffic volumes, level of service, bike, pedestrian and transit facilities, land use forecasts and parking.
  • Evaluated trip rates, adjustment factors (pass-by, internal capture, non-auto trips), mode share, trip distribution, trip assignment and capacity analysis.
  • Evaluated alternative performance measures including travel time and person throughput.
  • Coordinated City, County, and State policies to assess modifications to policies.
  • Developed mitigation including traffic control upgrades, lane reassignments, intersection improvements, and transportation demand management strategies.
  • Used VISTRO software to automate trip assignment and trip distribution.


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