On-Call Travel Forecasting
Statewide, MD - 2012


  • Traffic Modeling
  • Travel Forecasting
  • Traffic Operations Analysis

Sabra & Associates, Inc. (SAI) has provided support as a subconsultant on multiple on-call contracts with MSHA to and performed numerous types of transportation planning services at locations statewide including:

  • Corridor studies
  • Interchange modifications studies and ramp metering
  • Congested intersection studies
  • Pedestrian and bicycle studies
  • Traffic impact studies including trip generation/ distribution and modal choice
  • Development of AADT, DHV and seasonal factors
  • Level of service analysis
  • Traffic engineering research
  • Roundabout analysis
  • Incident management plans
  • Environmental alternatives analysis
  • CORSIM and VISSIM simulationTransit signal priority technology assessment and policy development
  • Evaluation of MPO and local jurisdiction long-range transportation plans

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