On-Call Transportation Planning
Washington, DC - 2012

  • Development review
  • Traffic data collection
  • Stakeholder and public outreach
  • Safety analysis / Strategic planning
  • GIS mapping / Parking analysis
  • Bicycle facility planning and design
  • Concept plan / Feasibility studies

Sabra & Associates, Inc. (SAI) performed numerous multi-modal transportation planning, traffic analysis and concept development studies as part of an on-call contract with DDOT. Key projects included:

On-Call Development Review
SWA is performing internal and external stakeholder coordination in order to facilitate planned development in accordance with DDOT policies regarding safety, access management, and traffic operations to include pedestrian, bike, and transit access and facilities. Documented issues and concerns with formal reports to Office of Planning and Office of Zoning.

NoMa Neighborhood Access and Transportation Management Plan
SWA performed multi-modal transportation planning, traffic analysis and modeling effort to develop a detailed access study and transportation management plan for an emerging mixed-use high density neighborhood with limited access for all modes.

Bicycle Facility Planning and Design
SWA evaluated over four dozen corridors for bicycle compatibility including signing, marking, exclusive lanes and cycle tracks.   Assessed impact to traffic operations, signal timing, parking, roadway safety and overall network connectivity.   Prepared preliminary and final design plans for a dozen corridors including signals and construction costs.

Randle Highlands Neighborhood Traffic Calming
SWA performed traffic data collection, traffic operations analysis, and traffic calming design to address neighborhood concerns related to safety and cut-through traffic.

Glover Park Neighborhood Transportation Study
SWA performed a traffic analysis and planning study to improve the safety, mobility and quality of the transportation system including vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, transit and parking.  Collected traffic data, travel times and delay, and coded traffic simulation models.  Developed alternative streetscape improvement concepts such as medians, pedestrian lighting, signal timing adjustments, access controls and sidewalk widening that were identified to encourage increased pedestrian, bicycle and transit usage.

1st Place / Galloway Transportation Study (Fort Totten Station Access Improvements)
SWA performed multi-modal transportation planning, transit and traffic analysis and modeling as part of station access and roadway improvement study Analysis included extensive coordination with WMATA to improve safety and access for pedestrians, bicyclists, buses, Kiss and Ride patrons and Daily Parking patrons while working within WMATA’s modal access priority hierarchy.

C Street Multi-Modal Study SWA performed traffic operations analysis to address neighborhood concerns related to speeding, safety and multi-modal access.   Developed alternative roadway cross-sections and evaluated traffic operations including signal phasing, cycle lengths, splits, offsets, and pedestrian clearance intervals and presented findings to the public at community workgroup meetings.  Alternatives analyzed included road diets for provision of bicycle, environmental, and aesthetic features, as well as innovative pedestrian treatments.

GIS Map Atlas Complied and mapped transportation network and usage data including ADT, crash, travel  speeds, bus and rail ridership, parking restrictions, evacuation routes, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, truck routes, and functional classification.


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