Multi-Modal Coordination for Bus Priority Hot Spots,
Bus Priority Hot Spot Feasibility Study
MWCOG - 2012


  • Transportation Planning
  • Transit Operations
  • Traffic Analysis


Sabra & Associates, Inc. (SAI) was part of the consultant team working with MWCOG and tasked with identifying priority improvements for Bus Hot Spots.   FITP was responsible for compiling a GIS database of average local and regional bus travel speeds through AVL data.   SWA was responsible for data compilation, traffic analysis, alternatives development and field investigation to identify transit operations, traffic operations, and physical roadway improvements to enhance bus travel time and reduce bus delay in 30 corridors throughout the District, Maryland and Virginia.


Work efforts included:

  • Evaluating real-time traffic flows during peak hours and compiling HD video logs of bus and traffic operations
  • Assessing transit operations such as dwell times, boarding and alighting counts, bus stop spacing, bus stop blockage, adherence to posted schedules, and bus maneuvers in and out of traffic
  • Assessing traffic operations including signal phasing, signal timing (cycle length, coordination), cycle, movement or phase failures, saturation flows, lane utilization, upstream metering, downstream bottlenecks, residual queues/ queue spillback including turn lane blockage, turn lane spillover,  high pedestrian conflict
  • Identifications of alternative measures to improve transit and/or vehicle performance in each hot spot such as physical modifications (minor widening, exclusive bus lanes, queue jumps), signal operations (signal re-timing, transit signal priority) and transit operations ( bus stop relocation, consolidation, routing modifications)
  • Evaluation of alternatives including documentation of performance measures such as level of service, queues, pedestrian delay, arterial bus and vehicle speeds,  and economic analysis of improvement cost versus user benefits

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