ICC Sections D&E - 2015 BCS 2006-19

Prince George’s County, MD


  • Onsite CI Services
  • Erosion & Sediment Control
  • MOT / Traffic Control Devices
  • SMW Design Compliance
  • Concrete Field Testing


Sabra & Associates, Inc. (SAI) is responsible for providing construction inspection services for various transportation facilities for stormwater management devices, concrete field testing services as well as traffic control devices installations and inspections. SWA also provided inspection of Maintenance of Traffic, erosion and sediment control, and stormwater management facilities. Concrete field testing services included onsite concrete sampling, slump tests, and air content testing services. Testing was coordinated with contractor to ensure samples were delivered to lab promptly and efficiently.


7055 Samuel Morse Dr., Ste. 100
Columbia, MD 21046
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