Construction Inspection Services for TCD's - 2015

SHA BCS 2008-02 D Statewide


  • Construction Inspection Services


Sabra & Associates, Inc. (SAI) has been responsible for providing 2 inspectors for the past seven years in various MD SHA Districts throughout Maryland and providing supplemental construction inspection services for SHA’s Traffic Operations for the installation of Traffic Signals, Signing, Lighting and minor geometric projects such as curbs, gutters, islands, medians and roadways.


Traffic Construction Inspection services include:

  • Concrete foundation
  • Steel structures such as mast arms and spans
  • Traffic signal components including handboxes, lighting systems including wiring, CCTV cameras, opticom, detection cameras, red light cameras and ITS devices, invasive and noninvasive probe detectors for speed, weigh-in-motion and other sensors
  • Overhead and underground conduit and wiring systems
  • Maintenance of Traffic Compliance

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