MBE, DBE, LDBE and SWaM certified for over 15 years

We are certified as an MBE/DBE engineering firm in jurisdictions and municipalities within the Mid-Atlantic region. 
We have had great success in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Delaware, and Washington, DC.


  • Maryland Department of Transportation #97-259
  • City of Baltimore, MD #B03454
  • Virginia Department of Transportation #0982
  • North Carolina Department of Transportation
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation #3135
  • DC Department of Public Works #DLS01-06-15024
  • Delaware Department of Transportation #C611-02-28-2000
  • Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority #LD99-72


SWA is DBE certified
SWA is MBE certified.
Proud recipients of a top 100 MBE award


SWA's approved NAICS Codes


  • 541330: Engineering Services
  • 541380: Geotechnical Laboratory Testing Services
  • 541511: Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541512: Computer Systems Design Services
  • 541618: Other Management Consulting Services
  • 237110: Water, Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction
  • 237310: Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
  • 237990: Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

SWA also holds an American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Accreditation.


  • Quality Systems - accredited since 6/14/2013 R18, C1077 (Concrete)
  • Portland Cement Concrete - accredited since 6/14/2013 C31 (Cylinders), C39, C138, C143, C172, C173, C231, C511, C617 (7000 psi and below), C1064, C1231 (7000 psi and below)

7055 Samuel Morse Dr., Ste. 100
Columbia, MD 21046
443-741-3500 | F: 443-741-3700

MBE, DBE, LDBE  & SWaM Certified


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SWA is DBE certified
SWA is DBE certified